Vegan Eggz Special Ingredient Requirements

Vegan Eggz Essentials is my first product sold under The Gentle Chef label and is solely distributed by Modernist Pantry LLC. Vegan Eggz Essentials is not an egg replacer or complete mix like other commercial egg replacer products on the market. It consists of 2 special ingredients portioned and sealed in their own individual pouches and sold in one convenient package. Click here to read more about the ingredients in Vegan Eggz Essentials.

Vegan Eggz Essentials is used in many, but not all, of the recipes in the cookbook to create remarkably realistic simulations of cooked eggs. A mini-blender or immersion blender is required for preparing the Vegan Eggz Essentials mixtures, since the ingredients do not dissolve readily in cool liquids by stirring alone. Expensive kitchen equipment is not required.

Sodium alginate and calcium chloride granules are required for preparing Whole Yolx. This is done through a process known as “spherification”. These delicate golden spheres remarkably resemble whole egg yolks and are used for creating an authentic egg appearance, texture and flavor in skillet-cooked eggz, oven-cooked eggz and poached eggz. A spherification spoon is recommended for preparing whole yolx.

Broken yolx is a rich, golden liquid egg yolk alternative that remarkably resembles lightly-cooked egg yolk. It’s superb for drizzling over cooked eggz whites or silken tofu to create a “broken yolk” effect; or used to create a liquid “egg yolk” center in oven-cooked eggz, poached eggz and shirred eggz. It’s also wonderful for dipping toast, vegan bacon or sausage. Sodium alginate, guar gum or xanthan gum are required for preparing Broken Yolx.

Agar powder is required for preparing chilled eggz recipes, such as “Hard-Boiled” Eggz, Bedeviled Eggz and Eggz Salad.

Vegan Eggz Essentials can only be purchased through Modernist Pantry LLC. Other special ingredients, and the spherification spoon, can be purchased through Modernist Pantry but are also available through other internet sources.

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Other more common ingredients used in this cookbook can be found in major supermarkets, specialty and gourmet food stores, health food stores and online through food retail websites such as