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Many people who embrace a plant-based diet do so for ethical reasons and not because they dislike the flavor and texture of seafood. But finding satisfying seafood alternatives is not always easy for individuals who once enjoyed the flavors and textures associated with seafood, or for individuals who grew up with seafood dishes as a traditional part of their family or ethnic heritage.

The Gentle Sea Cookbook focuses on approximating the appearance, flavor and texture of a variety of sea foods using plant-based ingredients. With these recipes we will explore new and different ways to create vegan alternatives for fish, scallops, shrimp, lobster, calamari, clams and more, at home using tofu, konjac and other wholesome plant-based ingredients and without the need for expensive factory equipment. Most of the seafood analogues are gluten-free too.

Classic Shrymp Cocktail

The cookbook, in full color digital format, also offers a comprehensive section of recipes devoted to vegan seafood appetizers, soups, salads and entrées, as well as seasonings, sauces and condiments. The cookbook is not available in hard copy at this time. 

Please note that  many of the recipes in this cookbook, but not all, also appear in my more recent Cook and Let Live Cookbook, which is a general vegan cookbook (available in hardcopy and digital).