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Gentle Spam
Spiral Summer Squash Salad
Vietnamese Beaf Stew (Vegan of course!)
Vegan Eggz Essentials - Chef's Proprietary Formula
Vegan Cheesy Chile Rellenos Casserole
English Muffins
Ballparks - Vegan Franks
Hard Shreddin’ Chedda’ (Non-Dairy)
Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Zhoug, Tahini Sauce, Sumac Onions and Herbs
Zuppa Toscano - Vegan Italian “Sausage” Potato Kale Soup
Vegan Tamales
Crumbly Mexican Soy Chorizo
French Onion and Leek Dip
Mediterranean Mixed Green Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette
Sicilian Panelle
Greek Potato Salad
Lentil Hummus
Mediterranean Herbed Feta (From the Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook)
Greek-Style Cultured Soy Yogurt

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Gentle Spam

Gentle Spam

   Spam is a salty and savory processed luncheon meat made from ham which became popular in American and Polynesian culture during WWII and into the present day. My vegan, compassionate version is made from vital wheat gluten, tofu and select seasonings. Typically,...

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Hard Shreddin’ Chedda’ (Non-Dairy)

Hard Shreddin’ Chedda’ (Non-Dairy)

Hard Shreddin’ Chedda’ is a hard, golden block cheese with a mild cheddar cheese flavor. It’s ideal as a cold-snacking cheese. Slices are wonderful for serving on crackers or cold sandwiches. It’s also ideal for shredding as a topping for tacos and other Mexican...

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